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Cambion HornsPersonal Kit, Profound Decisions’ “Empire”, 2013

So what happens when you hand me a creature brief involving horns, and access to real (ethically sourced) ram horns?


Briefly, a ‘Cambion’ in the Profound Decisions “Empire” setting is a human who has been affected by the Autumn realm, and as a result can have metallic skin with or without maze-like patterns, elongated nails, golden eyes… and horns! You don’t need all of these features to play one, I ran with the horns out of personal preference.

These horns are the lower set from a Manx Loaghtan sheep, which famously have two sets of horns. As the lowers don’t have much solid mass in them, they’re not often used for crafting. These horns were cleaned (thoroughly), cut at an angle, and filled with soft foam for rigidity, before being glued and riveted into a wet-moulded leather headband. Finally, strips of leather were wound around the base of the horns for strength and comfort. The whole rig fastens with buckles at the back. As they wear in I’m adjusting the fit to best suit my needs.

What I love about these is the amount of physical feedback that they give. My personal preference for non-human creatures is to get as much of a feel for them as possible. If I catch these horns on something, or take a hit on them, I can react to that as if the horns were a real part of me.

Because these horns were an experiment I’m currently not offering them for commission, though you’re welcome to try and hang things off of them at “Empire” and see if I notice.

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